9 January 2011

Categories: Industry

A top-three world player in agrochemicals and seed breeding. This company produces more than one billion young plants a year, handles 60,000 production orders annually, and offers a complete make-to-order cultivation process.

The situation
The company has an extremely complex supply chain. Unfortunately, it also had fragmented and out-of-date computer systems, so the management team decided to implement SAP across the company. At the same time, it wanted to professionalise the organisation. However, introducing computerisation to a complex environment that is characterised by living and growing material would be a significant challenge, so it asked Gwynt for support.

The approach
To assist the company during this transition period, we brought in house experts to draw up specs, deliver a management programme and fulfil several vital interim management positions. By working within the management team, we could professionalise supply chain processes and build an organisation fit for the future.

The result
Despite numerous challenges, the company successfully implemented a SAP system on time and within budget. Gwynt’s contributions included:

  • a structured demand & supply planning process
  • improved utilisation of assets/funds
  • greatly improved seasonal preparations
  • hands-on implementation of a continuous improvement programme

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