Menno Veen

Every big journey begins with a small step

(Business Principal)
+31 (0)6 519 602 83

Creating momentum with employees of a department or organisation, innovating services and digitising and mechanising processes are examples of changes where he gains his energy and creativity. Internet of Things, Gamification and Visual Recognition are subjects where Menno has worked intensively in recent years. Besides his work, Menno devotes a lot of energy to sports, on the mountainbike or racebike but also in coaching and supervising the teams of his children .

Menno worked in operational and project(management) roles in Supply Chain and Logistics, and was responsible for teams of 1 to 500 employees. In the course of time Menno has evolved from business manager to change manager.
Menno studied Industrial Engineering at the University of Twente and completed the Master of Transport & Logistics at the TIAS Business School.
Optimise (on site) logistics and distribution
Business process redesign program for achieving significant growth at an international food producer