Daan Mestrum

If you can't change the direction of the wind, change the position of your sails

(Business Associate)
+31 (0)6 833 606 92

Daan is an enthusiastic and social professional with a great passion for (food) Retail. Where the classic “bricks & mortar” are losing more and more ground compared to growing online platforms, the basic principles of the game do not change, but the completion thereof does. Due to his operational experience, pragmatic view and genuine curiosity, Daan knows how to help companies in the changes they undergo and to bridge the gap between the old (physical) world and the new (digital) omnichannel world.

Daan achieved his MSc in Strategic Management from Tilburg University and subsequently entered the Retail Talent Program at Ahold. In addition to his work, Daan is a great football fan, he has a great passion for vintage cars and likes to go skiing in Austria with family and friends in winter.