6 June 2022

Categories: Business Cases, Food


Organization 4th generation logistics service provider with business across Europe. Focussing on creating unconventional logistics products and develop intelligent systems and processes, with continuous innovation to stay ahead of the curve and solve the latest challenges in logistics.


To respond to the fast changes in the logistics sector in terms of consolidation, digitization, mobility, new legislation and regulations and the development of various end markets, a strategic and organizational optimization was necessary for further growth in turnover and profitability.


Our team has helped to translate the strategic vision into a clear and achievable business and transformation plan. An important part of this was the design of a new international organizational structure. After a formal commitment to the plan, we supported the program team responsible for the implementation and where necessary with important development themes.


An organizational structure that provides more control and synergy between the various business entities. This has resulted in much more clarity in short and long-term objectives, roles and responsibilities. In addition, an annual process of strategy evaluation, business planning and project portfolio management has been implemented to further develop the organization. A significant improvement in results, including turnover and results, is already visible.

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