14 September 2022


As a cooperative, Horticoop has been working on a healthy future for horticulture for almost 120 years. They do this this together with its members and with its companies in the field of light, climate, technology and substrate. Horticoop’s companies, including Lensli, Horticoop Technical Services, Lumiforte and HortAmericas, are established at home and abroad.


The substrate company Lensli, one of Horticoop’s largest holdings, needed a new strategy with future perspectives. Lensli supplies substrates to professional horticulture, a highly competitive and price-driven market.


Together with Lensli’s management team and the Horticoop board, a strategy was developed with growth and sustainability as its leitmotif. All aspects of the business were included and described in a plan of action with concrete actions linked to it.


A new perspective, distinctive capacity and new energy in the organisation through the plan, the elaboration and the implementation under the guidance of Gwynt. We also provided an interim General Manager to manage and guide this process, which resulted in sustainable growth.

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