23 January 2019

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A fast-growing purchasing and retail organisation in mobility. It is the market leader, and it has a large international dealer network, several formulas and its own web shops.


Although the company has been very profitable in recent years, the market is developing rapidly due to technology influences, changing consumer behaviour and new entrants. Taken together, those trends are giving the company plenty of reason to explore its strategic options. It asked Gwynt to help develop a vision that would ensure the company’s continuing growth and strengthen its market position.


In order to develop a strategic roadmap, we carried out extensive market research, conducted expert interviews and held several workshops. This allowed us to produce several concrete recommendations for the coming years. Those recommendations took into account the diverse interests of stakeholders (executive board, supervisory board, shareholders and dealers).


The company now has an objective vision of market dynamics, disruption by new players, the company’s position in the market, and the interests of the various stakeholders. Problems have been clearly defined, which has led to a greater understanding of the company’s strategic options. The management team now has a sound foundation for strategic detailing for the coming years.

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