23 September 2022

Categories: Business Cases, Retail


Market leader with a wide range of products and services for construction, renovation and DIY. A family business and a professional player in cash & carry megastores for both B2B and B2C. Driven by a the strong focus on innovation, operational excellence and the customer, they have been able to achieve sustainable annual growth over the past decades.


The company has a recurring business planning process in which the strategy is recalibrated every three years. This is an important foundation for annual plans, objectives and new initiatives.
The rapidly changing sector and competition, combined with the specific challenges of the remote economies in which this company operates, made it necessary to realize new breakthroughs in various themes. Think, for example, of digitization, omnichannel, people engagement, training and development, sustainability, purchasing and supply chain management.
The start of a new generation management and a some challenging years as a result of the coronavirus made it necessary to have a look at the strategy more fundamentally this time. These were also arguments for actively involving a broader group of managers within the organisation.


By organizing a strategic convention (almost 40 participants in total) which took a total of one week to complete, strategic options were elaborated by various working methods, after which they were reduced to the most essential initiatives with associated preconditions and priorities.
Part of the preparations for this strategic convention had to take place remotely due to the large difference in location and time. A clear step-by-step plan, templates and briefing, made it possible to provide the necessary guidance to the various target groups participating.


Together with the management team of this client, a clear and supported ambition was established within a very short timeline. Using this as starting point, an ambitious but realistic strategy has been worked out with all stakeholders and has been translated into clear projects and results.
The subsequent process has also been of enormous value to bring a new management team closer together and to work intensively with a much larger leadership team. In this way, a shared vision has emerged and new “bridges” have been built within the organization.

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