7 June 2021

Dutch FMCG distributor- and PL developer in mostly fresh products. Supplier to various food retailers and food service companies. Enormous growth in turnover and volume has been achieved last years.

Despite enormous growth in recent years, market pressure is expected to increase. To improve risk spreading, it is necessary to prepare new growth curves in new markets. In addition, due to the enormous growth and changing customer needs in recent years, the vision, company values, objectives and business processes have been somewhat diluted and subject to change. Gwynt was asked to help with the recalibration of the commercial strategy and the translation to the operational backbone of the company in the form of a transition plan.

The Gwynt team has started a quick scan of the current strategy, market figures, customer and product portfolio, supply chain and organization and meeting structure. The long-term ambitions of the company and the management were also considered as a compass for strategic refinement.

Gwynt’s approach has resulted in a adjusted strategy for the coming years; including a clear vision, values, commercial direction, SCM development plan, organizational and meeting structure and rewritten job profiles with the necessary competences.

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