26 November 2018


Fast-growing, second-generation family company in manufacturing that, in recent years, has moved from a producer of components to a producer and assembly partner of sub-assemblies for the automotive and agro-industry.


In the last few years, customers were demanding increasingly more complex products, better quality, lower order sizes and reduced order lead time. The Management Team asked Gwynt to help them re-assess their business strategy, optimise the factory layout, and determine a new organisation structure that would enable the company to continue growing successfully.


We decided to go for an “out-site-in” approach. We started by establishing the future requirements of customers and the development of the portfolio. We took those requirements and fed them into a future flow throughout the factory as well as production and assembly methodologies. This led to a new layout, which also reduced drastically internal lead times. Then we worked out with the team which competences would be crucial in the future to facilitate growth. This led to the restructuring of the Management Team and a review of roles and responsibilities.


he factory layout has been adapted, and there is now space for a new automated laser cutting machine. Intermediate stock levels have been drastically reduced. A new operational manager and supply chain manager have been recruited, so that more time and attention can be given to achieving operational excellence and improving supply chain performance.

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