21 May 2019

Categories: Industry


Industrial glass manufacturer that supplies glass worldwide to automotive, industrial and construction projects. Total 18,000 employees across North America, Europe, South America, Africa, Middle East and Asia with an annual revenue of € 5.0 billion


The organic growth of the glass product range resulted in declining service levels and rising costs. There was a need to create insights into the existing range and associated service levels as well as tools for making future strategic choices in the product range, stock strategies and service level agreements.


Using a 9-box analysis, Gwynt mapped out the demand variation for the existing product range. This prompted rethinking of stock strategies for certain parts of the range. Gwynt has also ensured that the 9-box analysis has become part of the planning process, whereby assortment choice, service levels and stock strategies are regularly weighed up.


Based on the project, the customer has adapted the stock strategies of a large part of the long-tail of the product range. In addition, the 9-box analysis revealed the need to introduce a new stock strategy. The customer uses the analysis on a regular basis to revise the existing range with realised service levels.

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