16 July 2019


A global leader (Europe #1) in starch production and specialties. Leading manufacturer with more than 25 industrial sites and a turnover of 3,5 billion euros. French family owned company that wants to professionalise, globalise and digitise in a fast pace, with strong growth ambitions in plant based ingredients. Processor of wheat, maize, potatoes, soja and pees into starches for the food producing, paper and pharma industries.


The company supplies a mix of direct customers and distributors and wants to grow its revenue and margins without extending the sales force. The client suppliers 500+ distibutors – next to its direct sales channel – and wanted to change to a top 5 distibutors structure and 30 local champions. Key objective was to standardise and professionalise the agreements with and service levels to its distributors as part of the overall strategy towards customer segmentation and service level differentiation. Gwynt was asked to support the supply chain organisation with project management skilles due to our extended experience with supply chain management in the food processing and starches industries and because of our experience with customer segementation, sales channels and distributors projects in a variety of markets.


Gwynt acted as a project manager for the supply chain organisation in this global and strategic project. We calculated the impact on the supply chain performance and costs of the new way of working. We proposed an adapted KPI systement to monitor performance of implementation and to take corrective measures in case of deviations. We also implemented a new way of collaboration and working with the top 5 distributors and we informed and trained the client’s organisation in the new way of working.


We achieved agreement on the new KPI-set, both internally and with the top 5 distributors. A new co-operation has been initiated, including related review meetings. The transition took place smoothly and fast and all the targets for the first year on revenue growth and cost reductions were achieved.

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