3 February 2023

Categories: Business Cases, Food


Dutch supermarket cooperation with ± 400 stores.


Gwynt was asked if we could support the implementation of RELEX as a new Forecasting & Replenishment tool for the stores and DCs. The focus was on guiding the implementation to the stores, with change management according to the ADKAR principle playing an essential role. In addition, Gwynt was responsible for adequate progress monitoring and stakeholder engagement with management and entrepreneurs during this transition period.


Gwynt has been involved in the project from the start and has therefore also had a lot of influence from the store organization on the design issues and selection of the KPIs to be influenced. During the design, 6 entrepreneurs were asked to act as a sounding board group. When we made the step to the pilot phase (including UAT & Parallel run), this group was expanded to 15 entrepreneurs with a large mix in WVO, turnover, promo share, seasonality and customer characteristics.

Gwynt then set up a roll-out planning (after pilot) per cluster and in this phase also supervised cluster kick-offs, superuser inspiration sessions and weekly coordination with the project team, advisory group (entrepreneurs) and management steering group.

During the national roll-out, Gwynt set up various KPI reports in collaboration with the Demand and Store Planners, so that the development of this KPI could be followed up on a short-cycle basis.

Finally, in collaboration with the Learning & Development department, Gwynt has set up various (online) training courses during the rollout and post-rollout phase (mitigating).


Successful pilot phase with good stakeholder involvement in both advisory group and steering group.

This created a strong starting position for a successful cluster roll-out.

Predetermined KPIs: % acquisition of order advice, shrinkage and OoS already showed positive development at the stores a few weeks after implementation (± 6 weeks after implementation).

Store staff change-ready by means of successful kick-off sessions, training for superusers, animations, new order screens and briefing helpdesk with extensive Q&A.

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