8 April 2019

Categories: Industry


Our client is an innovation leader within the polymer industry and intends to set-up a joint-venture with a polymer producer in Kazakhstan to convert natural gas into plastics for the automotive, wire & cable and packaging industries.


Gwynt was asked to work out a logistics design using simulation tools. The geographic location of the new chemical complex requires flexible solutions with respect to infrastructure, modalities, temperatures, market fluctuations and packing types. Also facilities for in- and outbound rail transport were part of the scope. Gwynt is supporting our client as a partner for more than ten years on similar global projects and we have extended experience with designing and simulating logistics infrastructure.


Based on site visits, air photographs/drawings, dialogues with the customer and contracting engineer a detailed design was made for on-site and outbound material handling and rail infrastructure solutions. We executed capacity calculations including sensitivities for silo sizes, packaging lines, productmix changes, outbound multimodal transport taking into account growth estimates. By using AUTOcad detailed drawings were made including detailed locations and dimensions of the logistics platform.


The main deliverable is a detailed and validated plan including CAPEX and OPEX estimates based on detailed designs of packaging lines, warehouses and container terminal. Sensitivities are approved for the different installations and potential bottlenecks in order to realize a steady design providing flexibilities for future growth. The design was approved and has been made part of the total design of the chemical complex.

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