9 January 2015

Categories: Industry

The company
A multinational in chemicals & plastics and a top-three producer in the consolidated industry market. This large company, which has a turnover of over €7 billion, supplies several sectors such as the automotive, packing, infrastructure and electro-technical industries.

The situation
This company is highly successful at producing a range of B2B products and selling them through ‘traditional’ sales channels. However, sales made through an e-commerce B2B platform were virtually non-existent. Given the worldwide potential for scalable selling to long-tail customers, the company was keen to extend its e-commerce activities. Gwynt was asked to help set this up.

The approach
Since we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, we developed a tailor-made solution. We first looked at the requirements of the company’s customers by conducting customer surveys and interviews. We then looked at the company’s internal processes and sales channels to formulate an e-business strategy and framework.

The strategy included several growth options and plans that we had based on the priorities of the company’s various business units. By engaging and understanding both internal and external customers, we could ensure that the chosen strategy would have greater relevance and applicability.

The result
The outcomes of the e-business strategy and framework included:

  • A long-term e-business vision and short-term growth scenarios
  • Several pilot projects to achieve controlled growth of the e-business
  • E-business objectives specific to each business unit

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