21 May 2019

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Our client is a cash & carry format focused on freelance professionals with a turnover of more than 200 million euros. A franchise-formula, managed by 4 franchise-takers and owned by a mix of family owned companies and private equity.


The client is a stable and healthy company focused on turnover growth and profitability. After start of the new CEO priority number one was to stay relevant, increase the customer wallet share, increase market penetration and become an omnichannel player. Another target was to realise a breakthrough in new markets and create a distinguishing future proof format.


We started with an in-depth analysis of all company processes, systems and organisation. The conclusion was that 25% of time could be spent more effectively and efficiently. During intensive workshops with representative teams we came to applicable improvements. Based on this decisions were made to stop or outsource certain activities, to digitise certain processes and to redesign processes and co-operation. A more compact organisation was set-up, with lesser management layers, a smaller board en more empowerement for the employees. For each department a transition plan was developed.


The new way of working has resulted in a replacement of staff. Because of digitisation traditional activities are organised more efficiently and additional experts were attracted for on-line marketing, digitisation and formula management. The new organisation performing extremely good, working more effectively and all strategic targets have been realised. The new organisation is fully embraced by the organisation and stakholders.

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