18 August 2018

Categories: Family Businesses


A family business specialising in complete end-to-end solutions for electronic payments. Active in 15 countries in Europe.


One of the strategic objectives is to be operate as one-customer-driven European business and to work as one team. To give positive attention to this, Gwynt was asked to set up a motivation and activation program.


Gwynt has developed a practical and effective motivation and activation program called #WeConnect. #WeConnect focuses on stimulating internal cooperation, getting more customer-oriented thinking and acting in the organisation, stimulating ownership, working as one CCV and making continuous improvement more fun to do. The program challenges employees / teams with inspirational challenges (action assignments). We set up an active and collaborative community where people share ideas and celebrate their successes.


The motivation and activation program resulted in more customer focus, improvement in communication and coordination between teams, proud and enthusiastic employees and made continuous improvement fun to do.

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