27 January 2022


4th generation logistics service provider with business across Europe. Focussing on creating unconventional logistics products and develop intelligent systems and processes, with continuous innovation to stay ahead of the curve and solve the latest challenges in logistics. 



As part of a strategic change in direction and organisation for the company, there was a need to reduce the dependency on the current majority end market and develop further growth in the future The company wanted to explore a number of new strategic end markets, starting with expanding the FTL product line​. The goal was to introduce a new way to develop new business within the company based on creating in-depth knowledge of a market and the companies operating within it. Thereby enabling the sales organisation to develop these new target accounts. 


The process starts with the quantitative and qualitative exploration of the new end market enabling the definition of the high level potential and developing the understanding of the internal organisation. Next we have defined a broad spectrum of companies present within subsegments of these end markets and have analysed the fit with the customer and which propositions and requirements are needed. Finally we have determined key accounts to be targeted and developed a service offering enabling the customer to develop its new business. 


Together with the customer team we have explored three strategic markets resulting in a shared segment understanding, detailed segment potential with long lists of potential new clients and a clear value proposition matching the needs and requirements in each market. 


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