8 April 2018

Categories: Industry


An internationally operating family business with a strong specialist position in the development and production of margarines, sauces, salads and bakery products. Both brand and private label products show significant growth. The client wanted to realise revenue growth, with no increase of headcount.


Due to the success of recent years, people had to work harder every day to keep up. A breakthrough was needed in thinking and doing, because this was no longer feasible in the long term.

For a number of important processes (production excluded) a project has been started to (1) map the value chain, (2) recognise which processes were unnecessary, double or slowing down, (3) design smarter processes (e.g. fastlane for ‘small’ innovations, one-touch order-to-cash process) and (4) to implement these new processes, working by the ADKAR methodology for change management.


Due to the massive impact on the organisation, it was decided to consecutively tackle the end-to-end processes supported by a limited number of workshops, including a training of the team to be able to implement the new processes theirselves. The team was also trained in giving workshops, while workshop tools have been developed together.


In addition to the fact that processes have been designed significantly “lean”, the customer has also developed the ability of continously optimising in order to adapt to a changing environment. This enables a small breakthrough every time.

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