25 August 2018

Categories: Industry


One of the leading and most innovative European chemical manufacturers producing polyethylene and major suppliers to the automotive, packaging and wire and cable sectors. Gwynt is working as a partner for more than 10 years on manufacturing and supply chain projects.


With a strong drive to extend the business and production capacities and thereby investigating changes in business volumes and the implication for on-site bottlenecks and required investments. 


Business scenarios were created to calculate the impact of future volume deviations on production planning and on-site logistic flows. A simulation tool was build based on the current asset footprint of processing capacity, silo storage, bagging lines, container and bagged storage capacity. A study was done to calculate the optimal sizes for storage and production assets, including future bottlenecks. CAPEX and business case calculations for investments in debottlenecking were made.


Clear quantitative and qualitative insights on future capacity constraints, including sensitivities with regard to varying business volume scenarios and their impact were agreed. The business case calculations were validated and decisions were made for required investments on site. With the simulation tool we demonstrated that 40% less investments were necessary than estimated. Innovative redesign solutions were proposed for debottlenecking which allow flexibility in case the predicted volumes in future deviate from the scenarios.

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