5 November 2018


Fast-growing, second-generation family company in FMCG. It has a strong brand, an international presence and its own production facility. It focuses on design-orientated products based on injection moulding and a large number of SKUs.


Two brothers had been managing the company for a long time, but they were ready for the organisation to become more autonomous. A management team was needed to let the company grow around a clearly defined purpose, a set of common values, and constant innovation—in a way that would allow the brothers to focus on their own passions within the organisation.


We first established the personal ambitions of the brothers and the new roles they wanted in the organisation. Then we determined how the organisation should be managed based on its chosen purpose and reviewed values. The key was selecting a structure that enabled the organisation to achieve its ambitious growth plans based on autonomy and innovation. This involved decided which disciplines were important going forward and defining new roles. A blueprint for the meeting structure was also formulated, so that the new management team would be able to divide their attention equally between operation and growth.


The new organisation structure has been formed, and new executive board members have been brought in via an external party. The brothers have taken on new roles, which are far more appropriate for their personal ambitions. Finally, the purpose and the values of the organisation have been rolled out, so that all employees can make a positive contribution to the growth and prosperity of the company.

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