2 November 2020


A successful player in food with year-in-year-out excellent financial results, market perception, innovations and appealing brands.


The organization consists of several operating companies. These have always been (consciously) very independent within the group and have been the basis for the success of the group due to their (commercial) entrepreneurship, passion and drive. In the meantime, the need has arisen for more direction and central management. Gwynt was asked to map out the possibilities of logistical centralization together with the order-to-cash process.


The approach was twofold: setting up and developing logistical scenarios, one of which was based on centralizing logistics. In addition, workshops were organized to map out the order-to-cash process,
These results were then tested to determine to what extent the order-to-cash process should be centralized. Various motives were identified that could influence the choice for the steps to be taken.


The result of this project consisted of the financial impact for whether or not to centralize logistics and the potential of other logistical scenarios. Various drivers have been identified for each scenario that may influence the choice of a particular scenario. In addition, a plan with phasing and timing has been delivered for centralizing selected O2C process steps.
The end result is an advice on the steps to be taken in centralizing the logistics and O2C activities.

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