13 February 2023

Categories: Business Cases, Retail


Cash & carry wholesaler of building materials, with professionals in the construction industry as main target group. Franchise organization, with more than 50 outlets and an online channel.


In recent years, this client has successfully implemented the strategic plan that was developed a few years ago with our team. A robust organization has been established with a strong performance year after year. In the meantime, however, the construction and renovation sector is developing strongly under the influence of the housing shortage, labor shortages, focus on sustainability and accelerated digitization. Reason enough for a strategic reassessment, in which the Gwynt team has been asked for support in process and content.


Gwynt guided the management team and franchisees during this strategic process. A clear dot on the horizon has been determined, based on various internal and external workshops and an extensive inspiration trip to Copenhagen.

In addition, an analysis of consumer trends, market trends and competition has been performed. An internal analysis has provided new insights per customer group and channel.

Based on this, strategic ambition and pillars have been formulated. These pillars were concretized with a large team of stakeholders into underlying initiatives, objectives and financial impact. By then plotting the initiatives in a high-level roadmap and identifying critical preconditions, an initial basis has been laid for the elaboration of the implementation plan.


A strategic plan for the next four years with the support and approval of management, franchisees and the Supervisory Board. This implies a shared vision of the market and a clear starting point towards which the company must develop in the coming years in order to make optimal use of the market dynamics. In addition, objectives, preconditions, phasing and ownership are made explicit.

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